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Cop Out

Hi everyone. This is your obligatory excuse post telling you that if you expected a new work of written or audio fun to show up here this week, you’re going to be sadly disappointed.

Without going too much into the specifics, life is very busy just now. The completion of something I have worked on for years is at hand and it’s kinda eating my life.

Funnily enough, I am still poking at other projects and I am very close to finishing another story. However, it was inspired by a very special someone and she gets to see it first before the general release. But it will very likely be up in the next couple weeks.

That said, if you liked the last story or if you are a fan of my audio work, don’t hesitate to contact me and give feedback!

[Update] Hello, WordPress

So, a few of you who have visited the site before now might be noticing a teensy change: I’ve switched things over so that the site runs off WordPress.

This wasn’t an easy or quick decision. I like to build things myself, to do things myself, and um…I just might have a thing for control. I dunno, what do y’all think 😛

Anyway, putting things together from the ground up became a problem. While it was intellectually satisfying, it was also a distraction. I was spending time assembling and testing bits of a site and not spending that time creating content. In the end, I decided I would rather be an erotic artist who dabbled in coding instead of the other way around. I’ve also been writing more, and wanted a blog that was hosted on my own space (there’s that control thing again…).

Let’s see how this plays out.