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[Update] A Kind of Milestone

I don’t remember exactly how old I was. But I do remember I was in highschool and where I was living at the time. Like most kids I had seen mind control in cartoons and I had a fascination with stage magic and hypnosis from a pretty young age. So in some ways it’s kind of surprising I didn’t find the Erotic Mind Control Story Archive (EMCSA) sooner.

When I did though? It opened up entirely new realms of the fetish to me. It showed me so many thing that my young mind was probably unprepared for. And, importantly it let me know that I wasn’t alone in having this particular fascination. Fast forward to today and it’s still a major source of erotic entertainment for me. Even more than that, it’s how I met my two best friends. So it’s probably safe to say that it changed my life in some ways.

Which brings us to today. Earlier this week I finally managed to get my act together and submit one of my stories to the Archive. And it came out as part of today’s update. A Kind of Magic, originally serialized here on the blog, was my first successful attempt to write mind control erotica. And I’m really proud that it’s out in the world, I like to think that past me would be appropriately impressed.

[Update] Hello, WordPress

So, a few of you who have visited the site before now might be noticing a teensy change: I’ve switched things over so that the site runs off WordPress.

This wasn’t an easy or quick decision. I like to build things myself, to do things myself, and um…I just might have a thing for control. I dunno, what do y’all think 😛

Anyway, putting things together from the ground up became a problem. While it was intellectually satisfying, it was also a distraction. I was spending time assembling and testing bits of a site and not spending that time creating content. In the end, I decided I would rather be an erotic artist who dabbled in coding instead of the other way around. I’ve also been writing more, and wanted a blog that was hosted on my own space (there’s that control thing again…).

Let’s see how this plays out.