Hello sweetie, I’m Ally Brinken.

I’m a bewitching, genderqueer, sadomasochist with a taste for the dark and deviant. With over a decade of kink experience and my preternaturally intoxicating voice, I can turn your wet dreams into full blown erotic nightmares. My pronouns are they/them/theirs and my title is Mx. Make yourself at home and see what I have to offer.

What services do you provide?

I provide geeky companionship, recreational hypnosis, erotic role play, and occasional gender and kink counseling. I also write erotica, advocate for the rights of trans people and sex workers, and tend not to turn down guest spots on podcasts. So hit me up at contact@allybrinken.com!

How do I access your audio files?

My free files are all hosted here on site. My pay-files are exclusively available through NiteFlirt! Files can either be streamed on site or downloaded and played any time. NiteFlirt is an established and secure payment processor that takes all major credit cards and bills discreetly as ‘NF Services’.

How do I commission a custom file?

If you have a specific desire, a commission is the best way to get exactly what you need. The first step is to e-mail me and describe what you’re looking for. Then we can discuss a time-frame and payment options. Pricing varies with complexity and time, and all commission fees must be paid in advance. A sample schedule is as follows: Short audio loops starting at $100, longer audio experiences starting a $150, and full hypnosis sessions starting at $200.

How do I book a live phone or voice-over-IP (VOIP) session?

Live sessions are where I truly shine! There’s just nothing better than interacting with me in real time. Sometimes you can get lucky and spontaneously find me with my Niteflirt line open, but the best way to get a live session is to book in advance. The first step is to e-mail me and describe what you’re looking for, then we can schedule a time. Live sessions take place either over my NiteFlirt line or through Discord. My standard rate for live sessions is $75/half hour ($2.50/minute).

Are you in a relationship?

Yes. I am head over heels in a relationship with a cute, queer kittengirl. She’s my Partner, my equal, and sometimes my producer. And yes, we are probably even more adorable than you are imagining. I am not looking for additional romantic partners.

My question wasn’t on this list! How do I find out more about you? How do I contact you?

The best way to find out more about me personally, get updates on my new files, and learn when my phone lines open, is to follow me on Twitter (mostly SFW) or Tumblr (often NSFW). Additionally, you can always reach me by e-mail at contact@allybrinken.com.