Here’s where you can find an organized list of links to all of my original writing. I’ll try to keep things relatively well updated.

Tags are as follows:
bd: bondage; ds: dominance/submission; ff: femme/femme; hm: humiliation; in: incest; la: lactation; ma: masturbation; mc: mind control; mf: masc/femme; rm: romance


All In [ds, ff, hm, mc]
A woman gambles with her very soul.

Dani [ff, rm]
A chance meeting is life changing for a trans girl.

A Kind of Magic [bd, ds, ff, hm, in, la, ma, mc] (EMCSA link)
A young woman gets a chance to see her favorite magic act. The experience is life changing.

One Night [mf]
Consensual, heterosexual sex. Yeah, I’m as shocked as you are.

Trust/Fall [ff, ma, mc, rm]
The ongoing story of a young woman finding her place in a world of kink, non-monogamy, and erotic hypnosis. Updates Thursdays!


Violet Wand Branding


Love Not Given Lightly by Tina Horn

The Complete Adventures of Silver Girl by Madam Kistulot


Vignette 01