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[New Release] Brain Milk

Villainess: Brain Milk

Hello, sweeties, I’ve got a new treat for you! And this one has an interesting origin story. As some of you know, I had a creative slump recently. This comes from a lot of places and I don’t think that mine is any more or less notable than that of other creative types. But basically I got dragged off into certain minutiae and wasn’t really focusing on generating content. That’s changed recently, largely due to the influence of…friends? I think I can say friends.

Anyway, the point is that I’ve been a bit more collaborative and have been going outside myself. I recorded an audio with FKMuse (go ask her how to purchase it), and this new release draws a lot of inspiration from Madam Kistulot. Madam Kistulot is someone who deserves a post fully dedicated to her at some point. It’s rare that I find a writer who scratches all those little itches just so perfectly, and even rarer that they are still active and writing. So all I can say is that you should check her out, particularly if you want to get more insight into some of my fetishes. So go to her homepage or follow her on Twitter.

This current file in particular was inspired by her Silver Girl series. Y’all know I’ve had the villainess fetish for a while now, but she has created an entire world of mind bending heroes and heroines. So settle back, relax, and imagine you are falling prey to a super-powered evil mastermind who’s going to make you nothing more than a helpless beast to be milked and sold off for her pleasure and profit.