Some of my favorite people

Emma Evans is a brilliant hypnodomme and dear friend. She was my role model when I first started creating my own content and anyone who likes my stuff should check her out.

Jenny DeMilo is my fairy whore mother. I seriously doubt she knows how much of an inspiration she is to me. High quality content from a consumate professional.

Declan Heyse is a ‘kinkster of a certain age’. Nerdy author and hypnosis fetishist.

Madame Kistulot is a talented author who has been crafting erotic fiction since her teens. I particularly adore her Silver Girl series.

A few of my favorite things

Fairy Whore Mother is the brainchild of Jenny DeMilo, this site contains solid advice for sex workers in all parts of the industry.

Where you can find me online

Tumblr is where I share pretty things I find cool, sexy, or inspiring. My Tumblr is emphatically not safe for work.

Twitter is where I talk with friends, discuss political topics, share geeky things, and give updates about my life. It’s the best way to keep up with and get to know me. I try to keep it relatively safe for work. Relatively.