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[Review] The Complete Adventures of Silver Girl by Madam Kistulot

I am fond of written smut. It’s rare that I don’t have a book by the bed, a few tabs open in my browser, or audiobooks lurking on my phone. And I’m also into mind play (obviously). So it should come as no surprise that mind control erotica holds a special place in my heart. That said, I have to admit that it’s not a genre in which I expect to find books that really have a strong impact on me. Not because of anything inherent about erotica, but rather because most authors (of mind control in particular) don’t really venture that deep or write something that complex. Most authors and most readers simply don’t need that. But despite not really expecting it, that’s exactly what happened.

The Complete Adventures of Silver Girl is a series of seven novels written by Madam Kistulot. It’s lesbian super hero mind control erotica, and it’s not normally the sort of thing I seek out to read. I think it’s the super hero part. For a long time I had a bias against super hero novels. The genre was just so linked to comic books and film in my mind, that something seemed wrong about engaging with it on the written page. These stories got me over that quickly. Though, if I think back on it now, I can’t really recall what it was that nudged me into giving Silver Girl a chance. But I did.

And, honestly? It is one of the most enjoyable and touching pieces of erotic fiction that I have ever read.

So that’s your spoiler free review, folks. It’s really good! Start reading (though, do note: this series traffics heavily in incest and non-consensual sexual encounters, additionally it includes some negative attitudes about sex work). If you’re not yet convinced, want my detailed analysis, or just hang on my every word, stick around for my detailed, novel by novel review below.

The Complete Adventures of Silver Girl comprises seven novels published online between 2005 and 2007. Together they tell the story of a young hero from the start of her career, through her exploits saving the world, and into adulthood, relationships, and motherhood.

The Adventures of Silver Girl (2005)
This story introduces our protagonist: Sarah LaSilvas a.k.a. Silver Girl. Sarah is a relatively inexperienced young super with a big heart, shiny sparks, and a bit of a self-confidence problem. But she does her best to fulfill her lifelong dream of being a costumed hero. When she accepts an invitation from a mysterious organization, her life is changed dramatically. She embarks on a journey that will teach her more about her powers and herself, and which will eventually put her in the crosshairs of an ancient and wicked threat.

The Adventures of Silver Girl is a young woman’s early work. It was written when the author was eighteen and it shows. It’s disorganized, experimental, and receives an antagonist and conflict pretty late in the game. In almost anyone else’s hands, I don’t think it would have grabbed me. But Madam Kistulot is exceptional. What the novel lacks in technical perfection and structure, it makes up for in enthusiasm and strength of character. Moreover, it sets the precedent for an interesting parallelism as the same criticism can be levied against Sarah herself. In a way, it is extremely appropriate that the first person narrated adventures of a young girl just discovering who she is and what she can do are written by an author who is doing the same.

I enjoyed this novel immensely and found myself hooked, but if the writing puts you off I’d still recommend trying to skim through, it’s well worth it to get to the later novels.

Silver Eclipse (2006)
After the events of The Adventures of Silver Girl, life has slowly returned to abnormal. This novel sees Sarah tangle with a sensual group of villains, encounter multiversal mayhem, discover a human trafficking ring (firsthand), and wind up in the clutches of a woman who is simply and delightfully evil. When rescue comes it’s a frying pan to fire type of situation as the events of the previous novel come back to haunt her. At the end, Sarah makes a truly heroic decision and the story closes in a dark place.

Despite the fact that there are seven novels, Silver Eclipse feels like the second entry in a trilogy. It expands the world, tells a tighter and more focused story, and leaves us in a darker place than we started. If the first novel displays Madam Kistulot’s enthusiasm, this novel displays her talent. It’s sleeker, more mature, and well put together. For all that it leaves us in a precarious position; the conclusion is extremely satisfyingly with Sarah making a hard choice and sacrificing so much to do the right thing.

Silver Eclipse strikes me as a thoroughly enjoyable work from an erotic standpoint while also managing to build the world and carry on the larger story. I found the imagery so powerful I’ve borrowed some of it (with the author’s permission) for my own work. If a reader has lingering doubts about the series, Silver Eclipse should dispel them.

The Memory Remains (2006)
Powerless, with a heart defect and a name that doesn’t fit anymore, Sarah manages to hold onto her hope. This story sees a return home, memories and mysteries of the past, and concludes in rebirth.

For lack of a better term, The Memory Remains is a pastoral interlude, which isn’t something one often sees in erotica. It’s a quieter story involving history, family, magic and identity. It’s also the point at which one might begin to suspect that Madam Kistulot has a thing for incest. It greatly builds the world and mythology, and when things move on, they are on a different course that is at once both hopeful and affirming, but also a bit darker.

This novel struck me both by how unexpected it was and how emotional it was. It’s hard for me to call it the best one in the series, but in some ways it is the most significant. It’s unclear if it really forged my emotional connection with the character, or just highlighted one that had been there all along. It also might have made me cry.

The Argentum Project (2007)
Sarah has become Lucia and returns to the city as Patina: a motorcycle riding, anti-hero with a hypnotic edge. What starts out as a bit of a vengeance kick turns much more serious as she uncovers a plot that threatens the entire world. But Patina doesn’t work alone, and when the time comes her team puts themselves in the line of fire to save the planet!

The Argentum Project is essentially a 90s comic book in text form (with more orgasms). Of all the novels this one is probably most in touch with its comic book genre roots, up to and including a motorcycle riding anti-hero, a love for pouches and gadgets, and an orbital space laser. The story involves the corruption that comes with power and the idea that the right motivations can lead people down some very wrong paths. And while it doesn’t have the emotional depth of its predecessor, it does deal with uniquely super hero relationship angst. It’s a step in the right direction in nearly all aspects. That said, it does have a major shortcoming: the character Pandora is a bit painful to read. Her portrayal and dialogue comes across as stilted and racially stereotyped in a way that jars with everything else.

This story is really fun! It seems bright and bigger than the rest and reminds me of the super hero cartoons of my tween years. It consistently makes me laugh and gives me thrill of delight. And I am a sucker for the romantic relationship that begins to develop here.

Ink Soaked Penumbra (2007)
A mysterious force begins to write her way into Sarah/Lucia’s life. Friends turn to enemies. Love gets tainted. And the enemy of an enemy becomes the most unexpected ally. More may be at stake than ever before, but instead of a shining laser in the heavens this threat lurks in ink soaked streets and behind the eyes of those you trust.

Where The Argentum Project focused on the comic book influences on the series, Ink Soaked Penumbra is more rooted in urban fantasy and horror. Certainly tendrils of horror have appeared in the series before, it’s a vein that runs very close to mind control in general, but the atmosphere has never been as ominous and the betrayals never hurt as much. It’s a story of magic, witches, and reality writing carried out by a talented author whose tongue is firmly in cheek about having an evil novelist as a villain. It tells a tight story and also builds the mythology and provides a strong foundation for the finale.

It’s hard to pick a favorite in this series, but this novel is a strong contender. Not only does it tell a story in a genre of which I’m fond, but the erotic elements really click with me. The slow, rewriting of familiar characters is spine tingling and delicious. Oh, and the twist literally made me stop (sweaty, gasping, and with magic wand in hand) to yell out loud about what an emotional gut punch it was. I have to respect that.

To Serve and Obey (2007)
The blasts from the past show up in force as The Complete Adventures of Silver Girl begin to draw to a close. Sarah’s life, relationship, and motherhood are all threatened when a few frenemies from her history force their way back into her life. It’s a story about an adult hero facing her past and coming through to defend her future.

This is probably the most deep, mature, and emotionally rough novel in the series (yes, even despite the secret order of breast ninjas). It fills the classic hero’s journey role of ‘the return’, where our hero is confronted with her old life and has to process how she has been changed by her experiences. Old friends maybe weren’t that friendly, old loves maybe weren’t that healthy, the things you did might be things you can’t be proud of, and the people who seemed perfect are so deeply flawed. It’s a point where both the character and the writer can look back over the long path that led them here and acknowledge how much they have matured. Expect a bittersweet taste.

Hands down this novel feels like the most meaningful of the series. Though I have to admit that I’m personally biased. I’ve been abused by several people that I love, and Sarah’s experience in this story resonates so strongly with those experiences: the twisted feelings, the misplaced lust, and the sense that someone who you once viewed as divine is only human. It’s a novel about growing up, moving on, making yourself better, and also understanding that your past will always impact you and those you love.

Red Moon Rising (2007)
Following shameless sequel baiting at the end of To Serve and Obey, Sarah departs on one last adventure! This time the conflict is about families and sins of the mother. Together the LaSilvas clan, their partners, and some allies will face something more powerful than anything they’ve ever faced. And before the end of all things, we’ll see two of the greatest acts of love and heroism in the entire series.

Red Moon Rising concludes the meta-plot of the series. Whereas To Serve and Obey was a strong conclusion to Sarah’s personal journey, Red Moon Rising seeks to put an end to the shadowy magical forces that have been plaguing her since the end of The Adventures of Silver Girl. It’s too significant to call it a victory lap, but it has a feeling of confidence and capability that never really crystallized until this point. And it ends in the way of all super hero stories, with a conclusion that has wrapped up most major threads, but still leaves our hero’s future open.

This is an extremely good novel. It blends the exciting, epic feeling of The Argentum Project with the LaSilvas family lore that we were introduced to in The Memory Remains. Over its course it’s less emotionally deep than some of the others, but does end with a real tearjerker. Once I finished all I wanted to do was hold my Partner tight and never let her go. All in all, it is a very fitting conclusion. Over the course of seven novels we’ve seen Sarah grow up, and at the end of Red Moon Rising she’s an exceptional woman, mother, and hero. It’s hard not to want more, and it’s not exactly a happy ending, but the story leaves her (and us) in a good place.

It’s hard to find a way to succinctly conclude my thoughts on The Complete Adventures of Silver Girl. It moved me in ways no other piece of erotica has, it helped me through a rather stressful time in my life, and it has led to two friendships that I deeply value. It’s a fascinating story about a girl growing up and learning to own her sexuality, her mistakes, her heroism, and her power. And it doesn’t hurt that its author is bursting with talent and dripping with enthusiasm. If you are at all interested in mind control, costumed heroes, or emotional smut, you owe it to yourself to check it out.


I opened the door and stepped out to the porch. The Louisiana summer evening hit me like a physical force and I turned to look back in at the party and the laughter. She was walking towards me and I couldn’t help but smile as I held the door for her. If I looked oppressed by the heat, she looked like she could thrive in it. Funny that, even though we were both born and bred in the South, she takes to it a lot more natural than me.

“You good to drive?” She checked as she went up on her toes to kiss my cheek. My arms automatically wrapped around her and pulled her close, as I kissed her back on the forehead.

“Yup. You know me.” I said with a grin, already feeling the slight tinge of a headache from when the third margarita had told me I’d reached my cut off point a couple hours ago.

“They’re gonna make fun of you for leaving early,” she said, with a teasing little grin as she stood on the toes of my boots to put my lips in easy reach.

I lifted her chin and looked her right in the eyes: “And what about you? You know that you only have to say the word and I would stay.”

“Sap,” she said and kissed me again, short and quick, “And nah. Can’t leave your clients disappointed.”

I smirked, “I mean, I didn’t explicitly say that I was gonna go put on the red light…”

“I know. But I also know your schedule.” she said as she hugged me tight. “Thank you for staying for as long as you did.”

I rested my head on top of her head and ruffled her hair with my free hand and took in the scent of her. “Of course, they’re your friends. I know things like this mean a lot to you.” She just hugged me tighter.

Eventually she let go and stepped back. “Okay. Go be mean to boys and make money and have fun.”

I laughed a little and smiled at just how lucky I was. “Always.” I said and stepped down from the porch and into the evening to do just that.

Kink: Violet Wand Branding

So I’d like to take a minute to talk about branding. No, not the kind that ensures y’all know my name, rather the kind that is burned into my skin. Since it’s about to time to do it again, I thought it might be nice to detail how it’s done. And fair warning: this post contains discussions of pain and pictures of my breasts.

Branding is an old word for an even older practice. It refers to the act of marking by heat (usually fire). Though today, the type of branding I’m going to talk about is delivered by electricity (which has been called “the brand of Zeus” before, so I suppose the word works). Specifically, it was done with a violet wand.

Violet wands (then called violet rays) are early 20th century medical devices whose medical applications came under the scrutiny by the FDA and which were eventually ruled to be quack medicine. The basic purpose of a violet wand is to apply high voltage, low current electricity to human skin. This ideally results in a situation where there is a great deal of sensation but little to no harm to the recipient. And while their manufacture and sale as medical devices remains barred to this day, they have since found a home in the kink community.

Now, violet wands have many applications beyond branding: they can be used to cause anything from a pleasurable buzz to a tickling to a painful sensation, they can be used for silly party tricks like making a light bulb light up in your hand, or they can turn your whole body into an electrode and allow you to spark up your partner with each kiss and touch. There are numerous vendors and educators throughout the kink community, though my personal favorite is a charming fellow by the name of Dr. Clockwork. We’ve had the pleasure of meeting at a couple conventions, and he has always been a font of entertaining and educating conversation. Do check out his website.

Below I detail Partner and my personal method. It’s just the way we do it, I’m not asserting that it’s the objective best. We use: a violet wand, a contact pad, and a sterilized straight metal pick (rather like a dental pick). I’m aware that there are specialty branding electrodes out there, but when we play we prefer to stick with a contact pad. A contact pad is a nifty device that allows you to make your skin as well as any conductive object you hold an extension of the wand. You become the electrode. Either the top or bottom can hold it during a scene (electricity goes both ways), but we usually let the bottom hold it as this provides a very easy way to safe sign: just drop the thing.

(General Note: As I usually bottom for these things, the next few paragraphs are written from the perspective of the bottom.)

(Safety Note: Violet wands are extremely safe devices but a few rules should be followed. Don’t use near the eyes, avoid getting anything wet, avoid highly combustible substances like alcohol, and don’t use near any medical implants. Metal picks are sharp and potentially a hazard and I’ve accidentally poked myself with mine a couple times by being clumsy. Try not to be clumsy.)

The first step is to wash, shave, and gently dry the area on which you’ll be working. Then, you’ll generally want some kind of guide to follow for the brand. If you have the talent and resources I have known some people who use proper tattoo stencils or their home-made equivalents. We’ve mostly stuck to kohl eyeliner. It makes clean lines, it’s non-irritating, and it easily washes off after. So once you’ve got your skin prepped and your design drawn, it’s time to prep yourself mentally. You need to get used to the sensation of the electricity and get out any jumps and giggles that would be a very bad idea later in the process. This is a great time to have fun and make sure you and your partner are in good headspace before continuing. Also might want to make sure you have the right music on, are well hydrated, and don’t have to pee. This next bit is where it simultaneously sucks and gets super fun.

Your partner will take the metal pick and very carefully bring it near your skin without actually touching. This will allow the electricity to concentrate at the point of the pick and then jump the gap between the tip and your skin, providing an intense, high temperature spark. While your partner is doing this, they’ll need to adjust the intensity of the violet wand to find a point that works best for you. This is subjective, we’ve found that you generally want to find a point near the highest intensity you can handle and then pull back a bit as you’ll have to endure that intensity for a bit of time. Once you’ve found the intensity that works, your partner can begin to trace the design of the brand.

It’s going to hurt. You are literally burning a design into your skin, and that comes with a little pain (and a slight scent of cooking human). The first pass is the worst. Partner and I go back and forth on why this is: one hypothesis is that pain receptors in the surface of the skin are either destroyed or exhausted in that first pass, another is that it may take the duration of the first pass for endorphin production to spike, or both. Either way, the subsequent passes are usually far more pleasure mixed with pain. Music and breathing exercises are the best way I’ve found to work through the early pain. Under the right conditions, it’s very possible to pleasurably space out. Like intensity, the number of passes you’ll want is also subjective but the more passes you do, the longer the brand will stay. My last one was three passes at about three-quarter power on my wand and it lasted a little over a month.

Once you’re done, there are a few more key steps: Remember emotional aftercare for both yourself and your partner. You just did something really intense and cool together, the feels may be running high. As soon as you feel comfortable getting up, gently clean the brand with a mild, anti-bacterial soap. Some folks advise using an irritant to make the brand stand out more, but I’ve never personally tried it and I hear it can make the design ragged. You may want to keep the brand covered for the next few days as clothes may irritate it, though I find that goes away around day two or three. And that’s really it. You’re done…until it fades and you need a new one.

Pictures of my most recent one below. It’s a cute little “<3” heart because it’s a simple design to start with and because I’m a shameless geek (plus I was traveling a lot and it’s a sweet reminder that Partner loves me). There will likely be a musing on Twitter as I try to figure out what to do next.

Three days, freshly healed.
A little over one week, fully healed.
Forty days (today), almost invisible.

Review: Love Not Given Lightly by Tina Horn

When I sat down to write this, I had to stop and think for a minute about how I’d first learned of Tina Horn. It was back in 2015 and my life was in a very different place. I’d been doing grad school for around two years and sex work for around a year, but both were on hiatus for the moment. I was home for the last time, and I was a little lost. It was after a death and I had far too much to occupy my hands and far too little to occupy my mind. And that’s when I found Why Are People Into That?! (YAPIT).

I was hooked. Here was this awesome, queer punk interviewing the most interesting people on  such a wide variety of kinky topics. It not only gave me a deeper appreciation for things I already loved, but it gave such clear insight into realms of kink that I had never experienced. So yes, go listen to it. But that’s not the primary thing I wanted to talk about today.

I want to talk about Love Not Given Lightly. Because while YAPIT is an exceptionally good podcast, and I knew that I was likely to like anything Tina Horn wrote, this book surpassed any of my expectations. And there are a couple of reasons for that.

Love Not Given Lightly, is not, as I had expected, a book about sex work. It really isn’t a book about any large concept. Rather, It’s a book about a number of  individual sex workers and clients. It displays their lives, loves, aspirations, pain, and humanity. The subtitle calls these glimpses ‘profiles’, though that word might conjure something a bit more technical and formulaic than what we see here. What Tina presents are slices of lives with respect to their intersection with sex work. And each slice is both fascinating and beautiful.

The work is brief and remains focused on its subjects. Tina herself acknowledges that a general treatment of sex work and sex workers would require more diversity (which one can even see YAPIT and her other work as attempting to deliver). But despite that, there is a great deal of the universal in these accounts. These are the little experiences that are common to all of us. And while some of those experiences will resonate strongest with those of us in the business of pleasure, I think it would be impossible for anyone to read this book without experiencing a deep empathy for the people in its pages.

Additionally: Tina Horn can write really well. I mean really well, y’all. It’s an exemplary work of non-fiction. I know not everyone is attentive to or enamored with writing quality, but if you are, this book is even more of a delight.

So please, give Love Not Given Lightly a read. If you enjoy it half as much as I did, it’s well worth it at any price. And if you tell me you made it through with eyes that are perfectly dry and a soul that hasn’t been touched, I’ll give you a smile and call you the liar you are.

Available at:
Salacious Magazine

Fiction: One Night

This was originally posted to my Tumblr. I consider it the first vanilla heterosexual scene I ever wrote.

The room was a little dark and smelled of cedar. Gray walls, gray chair, a gray coat lying casually tossed on the floor at the foot of the bed. The chair faced the door, and that’s where he sat as she entered. He looked…tired. She smiled. The smile was a lie, she was just as tired, but he would never see that.

“You found it okay.” He said.

Her smile cocked to one side, “Of course, sweetie. Straight up from the bar. Even I don’t get lost that quick.” She tossed his keycard and her purse on the dresser, in front of a TV that was playing one of the indistinguishable news networks, turned low. She kicked off her shoes and walked over to him, across the well-worn carpet. She leaned forward, looking at him with a sparkle in her eye. “You seem nervous.”

“I’ve never done this before.”

“Brought a girl back to your room?”

“Brought a girl…like you back to my room.”

She leaned in close, letting him smell the sweet scents blended on her skin. “Sweetie, there are no other girls like me.” She said, and then gave a giggle before planting a kiss on his neck, dark red lips leaving their mark. He shuddered. When she pulled away, it looked like blood.

She bit her lip as she stared at him and worked the buttons on her blouse. When it fell away and pooled on the floor her perfect skin was revealed in the meager light of a bedside lamp. She had no need of a bra, her breasts were still small with a supple v shape and her nipples dark and puffy. With a slow little wiggle she pulled her skirt down over her hips and kicked it to one side. The air was cool on her skin, and it wasn’t the only thing making her shiver.

She slipped up on top of him, one knee to each side. The fabric of his dress pants smooth against her silky legs. His arms came up and he touched her back, strong hands running down her shoulder blades. She thrust her chest forward and gasped as his lips met her. Soft, eager lips in a nest of stubble running across her skin, eagerly seeking her nipples as his hands began their slow descent down her back to cup her ass, pulling her close to him. Her head went back and her arms wrapped around his neck, eagerly holding him to her as her hips began a slow, sensual rhythm. She could feel him swelling beneath her through his pants, and she was sure that he could feel her own swelling through her underwear in response.

Her delicate fingers made quick work of his shirt and soon she was kissing his chest and neck as she rubbed the crotch of her panties across his lap. She used her teeth sparingly at first, exploring his tolerance for pain, and then with more passion as his body responded beneath her. Nails raked his back and then he began to stand. She held on with her arms and legs as his strong hands lifted her up and he took a few, steady steps before letting her fall back into the soft depths of the king size bed.

She looked up at him, face flushed, full of excitement as he began to undo his belt. Her hands explored her own body, half out of pleasure and half as enticement as he freed himself from his pants. When he slipped out of his underwear, she made a small, needful noise and flipped over on the bed, crawling on all fours to the edge where she could take him in her mouth. The taste of him was salty and musky and perfect. Her body thrilled to have him inside her. His hands went down to her hair as she vigorously pleasured him. Their bodies were as one in the growing heat and need.

She slid her lips from him with a small popping noise and looked up. “Condoms. Lube. Purse.” Each word a gasp as a line of saliva flaked her chin. He dutifully played fetch and when he turned back to the bed she was on her back, hand working in her panties.

“Let me.” He said as he slowly slid the soaked black fabric down, leaving a trail of her own need along her legs. “You’re uh…oh, you…get wet?”

She blushed and nodded, her penis still leaking a long, sticky string. “Whenever I’m turned on, since about a year into hormones.”

He leaned down over her, “May I?”

She nodded.

Carefully his tongue began to flick and lick at her shaft. Tasting her. Exploring her. Her body arched and she closed her eyes as the waves of pleasure built. Ever so slowly his tongue made its way down her perineum and began to circle the tight entrance nestled between her cheeks. He opened the lube bottle and soon his fingers joined in, spreading her and preparing her. She almost came from that alone.

And finally, when they were both ready, she felt the tip of his cock pressing against her asshole. Her legs tightened around him, pulling him to her. “Please…” she said with a little whine.

And then he was in her. Her clit twitched as he slid along her inner walls, the sensation of being filled sweet and tight. He moved slowly at first, and then picks up the pace. Her mouth opens in a soft little o as each thrust begins to take her breath away. He can feel her body respond to him, feel the muscles move as he plunges into her, feel the pressure build as her prostate swells. They lose themselves in each other: thrusting, writhing, kissing, suspended in their shared bliss.

Her body moves through an age old cycle at least twice, but she honestly can’t be sure. Each time she aches with pleasure as cum streams from her clit. His body on top of hers is ecstacy and she sinks her teeth into his shoulder to keep from screaming as she feels him begin to grow and twitch inside her.

After, they lay together, spent. Her head cradled in his shoulder, body still twitching in afterglow. She snuggles into the smell of him.

“Want to stay the night?” He asks, sleepily.

She shakes her head and rubs against him. “Can’t, early morning.”

“Want to do this again tomorrow?”

She just smiled and kissed his cheek. Knowing she couldn’t, but not having the heart to say no.

Fiction: Trouble Brewing 2

File 575843 – Evidence recovered from Eibon
Transcript of Video Fragments 1-2
(all time stamps UTC -6)

[reviewer notes: black and white, high contrast, no audio]

The boy paces in the cell like an animal. There’s something lean and hungry about him. His white jumpsuit hangs off shoulders a bit too narrow. His dark hair looks unwashed and unkempt. It’s unclear how long he has been held here.

Something captures his attention off-screen.

An older man, dressed in some kind of uniform enters the frame, dragging a girl behind him. She’s stumbling, dazed, walking slowly. Her eyes don’t leave the floor. The man pulls something from his belt and gestures at the boy. The boy yells something in response, clearly agitated, his attention on the girl. The man says something. The boy turns and continues yelling at the man. The man motions with the device he holds and the boy’s body spasms, falling to the floor, seizing.

The girl suddenly looks up and comes to life, struggling. The man shouts something while forcing the door open before hurling her inside. By the time she’s back to her feet he’s locked the door and is walking out of frame. She picks herself up and hurries, still unsteady on her feet, to the boy as his twitching slowly subsides. She pulls him into her arms, cradling him to her breast.

[reviewer notes: color, grainy, no audio]

A convenience store after midnight. Nearly empty. A bored looking teenager sits behind the counter tinkering with her phone. The door opens and a girl in a dark green hoodie walks in, the clerk barely looks up. The girl takes a left down an aisle of junk food until she reaches a rack of jerky. She begins to tear into packages and shovel food into her mouth. The clerk looks up, confused and shocked. The girl tilts her head back, chewing frantically and her hood falls away, revealing short black hair matted to her face with sweat, and a red stain across her lips and chin.

[reviewer note: facial recognition technology gives several high confidence interval matches, but all matches have been confirmed to either not be in the area or be deceased]

The clerk starts yelling at the girl, but the girl doesn’t respond. The clerk begins to move from behind the counter, gesturing with her cell phone. The girl doesn’t even turn, but reaches out her hand. Her hoodie seems to unravel and slither down her arm extending out towards the clerk like a mass of vines or serpents. As it discorporates it reveals a dingy white cami, stained with blood and several clear bullet holes.

The clerk screams and starts making a call on her phone as she runs towards the door. But the green tendrils lash out like whips, grabbing her by the shoulders, holding her in place. The phone falls to the ground, still ringing. The girl looks up from her meal, seemingly with her initial hunger sated, and rolls her neck idly. She seems to smile a little. Then she begins to gather up an armful of various snack food, while her green appendages slowly pull the struggling teen across the floor towards her. With each foot closer her victim is dragged, the coils wrap around more of her body, binding her until she can barely move. When she is brought face to face with her prey, the girl cocks her head to one side and seems to sniff.

Apparently satisfied, she walks towards the back of the store, dragging the wriggling, almost cocooned, clerk behind her. For a moment both disappear from frame before the girl comes back, now with a bottle of vodka in her free hand. The abductee is now strapped to her back, almost like a backpack. Then the girl walks back out into the night.

Fiction: Dani

This story was originally posted to tumblr.

She hadn’t expected to run into Amie. Not here. She cursed under her breath and sank down in the seat of the small coffee shop, doing her best to disappear behind the screen of her laptop and the steam of her second latte. She’d just wanted to be out in public, to feel like a normal person for a small little slice of time. Couldn’t the universe give her that? Apparently not.

She liked Amie. They had hit it off after meeting at the party of a friend of a friend of someone’s brother. They were the only two people there from their college, so sheer proximity and shared interest had led them to being introverts together. The party had turned into a late night date. It had been followed by another. Amie was, in her mind, near perfect: smart, geeky, beautiful. So how could she be here? Why now? Maybe it would be okay? Maybe she wouldn-

“Dan?” Amie said. The word came haltingly with an undercurrent of shock.

She froze. Full on, like a deer in the headlights. She could feel the blush burning in her face, but she couldn’t manage words. And, just like a deer, the impact kept coming.

“Daniel.” Amie said again. Not a question this time. The word was clipped, the voice more controlled, not betraying anything.

She slowly, reluctantly, sat up straighter in the booth, looking up at Amie. She swallowed hard, suddenly conscious of her Adam’s apple. Everything felt like it was rushing in at once: all those little bits of her that didn’t quite pass: the flat chest, the hair extensions, her makeup. She stared down, suddenly very interested in her coffee. “Danielle.” She said softly, correcting Amie.

“Danielle,” Amie said, with a bit of hesitation, “I’m guessing that there’s something you haven’t been completely…um…open with me about.” It was clear from her voice that she was trying to sound less put out than she was.

“Fuck. I…you…you weren’t supposed to see me like this. What are you even doing here?”

Amie cocked an eyebrow. “Chile hot chocolate donuts. Not that you’re the one who should be asking questions. When were you going to tell me about this?”

“I’m not sure I was.” Danielle said, voice cracking a bit.

Amie slid herself into the booth, next to the awkward, scared girl who was far too fascinated with her coffee cup. She gently reached out, and let her fingers trace the back of Danielle’s hand. “Dan…um…Dani…” she said, softly.

The girl looked up. Eyes still filled with fear and uncertainty. “Look, you’re pissed, I get it,” she said, looking away and pulling her hand back from Amie.

Amie was faster though and took her by the wrist, her other hand going to Danielle’s chin and gently directing the other girl to face her. “Yeah, you bet I’m pissed. But I don’t think you get it. Did you seriously think that you could get away without being honest with me? I’ve got a right to know if the cute, straight guy I’m dating is actually a cute lesbian.”

The expression on Danielle’s face as she scooted back across the booth made it look like her brain had a glitch and she made a small awkward noise. “Cute?” she whispered, face crimson.

“Look, Dani. I don’t give a fuck what your gender is. But I do need to know you trust me,” she closed her eyes, taking a minute to compose herself. “Okay. Here’s what’s happening,” she gestured to the laptop, “you’re gonna be a good girl finish whatever you’re working on, you’re gonna buy me an apology donut, and then we’ll have a long talk about this. Got it?”

Danielle nodded, a grin breaking out between her blushing cheeks. “Yes, ma’am!” she said after a long, slow sigh of relief.

Amie smiled and pulled the other girl in, lips touching, gently at first, then with a bit of passion. Her tongue parted the other girl’s lips and they both felt the first little twinges of arousal. When the kiss finally broke they were both grinning like schoolkids.

“So…trust me?” Amie said, letting one hand rest on Dani’s knee.

“Yes,” the other girl said.

“Good. Cause you’ll need to for what I have planned for us.” She said with a mischievous grin as her hand began to slowly slide up Dani’s thigh. “Get to work now, don’t keep me waiting.”

Fiction: Trouble Brewing 1

This was originally posted to tumblr a little bit back. It’s been revised and is being posted here now as this internal blog is largely supplanting my tumblr. Consider it a teaser for things to come.

File 575843 – Evidence recovered from Eibon
Transcript of Recording Fragment 1

[recording begins]

Q: Please state your name, for the record.

[silence. approximately 1 minute]

Q: I will need you to state your name before we continue.

R: I don’t know.

Q: Clarify.

R: I can’t remember my name.

Q: Noted.

R: Does this mean that we can’t go on?

Q: No. You will be listed as a Jane Doe.

R: Oh. …is that my name?

Q: No.

R: I’m confused.

Q: Just tell us what happened, in your own words.

R: We were walking, shopping, killing time. Just out you know?

Q: Who is ‘we’?

R: Me, another girl, two guys, and another.

Q: Another?

R: Not a boy or a girl.

Q: Noted. Do you remember their names?

R: No.

Q: Where were you shopping?

R: The mall. Not the nice one. The one with the movie theater.

Q: Did you see a movie?

R: No. No one could agree on what to see.

Q: Do yo-

R: Do you have my things?

Q: Clarify.

R: I remember I bought a nice top, it was pretty.

Q: No. We don’t have that.

R: Oh.

Q: Under the circumstances, I’m afraid it will probably not be able to be returned to you.

R: Oh.

Q: What’s the last thing that you do remember?

R: Light.

Q: Clarify.

R: Like fire.

Q: So you remember the fire. Noted. Do you remember what happened next?

R: I don’t want to.

Q: But you can?

R: …yes.

Q: Continue.

[silence. approximately 3 minutes]

R: There was a man. He was old…like adult old, not like old old. And something had cut him. His insides weren’t where they were supposed to be.

Q: Continue.

R: No.

Q: Continue.

R: You can’t make me. You’re just a machine. Fuck you.

Q: Continue.

[silence. approximately 1 minute]

Q: Continue. Or we will have to take measures.

R: Things came out of me and went into him and they ate him! Okay? Is that what you want to hear? Shit…I…oh fuck-

[tears. continuing through the end of recording]

Q: Continue.

R: …and then I felt good. Really good. In my…in the place. And it felt good and I liked the taste and I want more.

[the sound of vomiting. approximately 2 minutes]

R: If you were a person instead of a dumb machine I’d eat you too.

[recording ends]