[New Release] Evil Hypnotist: Good Boy Training

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Heya, sweeties, this past weekend I released a new file in my Evil Hypnotist series. This series focuses on one of the classic mind control fantasies: you have an embarrassing problem and seek out a hypnotist looking for help. She’s professional and comforting and you willingly let her into your mind. Then she reveals her true colors, humiliates you, and twists you even further until you’re her devoted toy.

Good Boy Training specifically focuses on making men feel like submissive, inferior pets around women. Particularly any woman who calls them a “good boy”. In just a few listens, you won’t be able to help that growing submissive urge, and we both know that’s for the best!

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Evil Hypnotist: Beta Male (~24 min, T/m)
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Evil Hypnotist: Cock Sucker (~25 min, T/m)
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Evil Hypnotist: Masturbation Addict (~23 min, T/gn)
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Evil Hypnotist: Small Dick Loser (~28 min, T/m)
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[Nonfiction] Vignette 01

I opened the door and stepped out to the porch. The Louisiana summer evening hit me like a physical force and I turned to look back in at the party and the laughter. She was walking towards me and I couldn’t help but smile as I held the door for her. If I looked oppressed by the heat, she looked like she could thrive in it. Funny that, even though we were both born and bred in the South, she takes to it a lot more natural than me.

“You good to drive?” She checked as she went up on her toes to kiss my cheek. My arms automatically wrapped around her and pulled her close, as I kissed her back on the forehead.

“Yup. You know me.” I said with a grin, already feeling the slight tinge of a headache from when the third margarita had told me I’d reached my cut off point a couple hours ago.

“They’re gonna make fun of you for leaving early,” she said, with a teasing little grin as she stood on the toes of my boots to put my lips in easy reach.

I lifted her chin and looked her right in the eyes: “And what about you? You know that you only have to say the word and I would stay.”

“Sap,” she said and kissed me again, short and quick, “And nah. Can’t leave your clients disappointed.”

I smirked, “I mean, I didn’t explicitly say that I was gonna go put on the red light…”

“I know. But I also know your schedule.” she said as she hugged me tight. “Thank you for staying for as long as you did.”

I rested my head on top of her head and ruffled her hair with my free hand and took in the scent of her. “Of course, they’re your friends. I know things like this mean a lot to you.” She just hugged me tighter.

Eventually she let go and stepped back. “Okay. Go be mean to boys and make money and have fun.”

I laughed a little and smiled at just how lucky I was. “Always.” I said and stepped down from the porch and into the evening to do just that.